The Breakthrough Bootcamp
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It's time to attract and date the women you really want.
It's time to attend our Breakthrough Bootcamp.
Give us 3.5 days and you will confidently meet, attract the women you really want - let us prove it or it’s Free
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"Australia's pulling sensei... Captivating."
"Australia's very own Hitch... Great dating tips..."
"Illuminating... Changed the way I date."
"Fascinating to listen to... Sage advice."
Learn The Skills To Easily Attract & Date The Women You Really Want
The Breakthrough Bootcamp   is designed to give you the skills you need to succeed with women – no matter how frustrated or unsuccessful you’ve been in the past. 

The program has been refined and perfected over 12 years and is a social skills based, step-by-step dating system, making it easy to learn and implement.

You’ll learn the same little known strategies we’ve used to turn countless guys who couldn't get a date, into guys who are living their best lives – dating beautiful, professional women.  

It’s designed to give you the skills to easily and consistently meet, attract and date far higher quality women than you ever have in the past – without doing anything weird or sleazy or trying to change who you are.

We will transform you in just 3 and a half days using the following simple system:
  • We identify and eliminate your mistakes using exercises with our Female Trainers. This is done in the safe and supportive environment of our training rooms (sparing you the humiliation of attempting this with women in the real world)
  • You will learn new conversation, dating, seduction and advanced social skills. They will be specifically tailored to your looks, height, experience, confidence, energy, personality type, hobbies and interests
  • You will go through a process of repeated practice, feedback, improvement and refinement in more hands on exercises with our Female Trainers
  • We work with you so that the core skills – Eg. eye contact, touch, conversation, body language – naturally become part of who you are and are locked inside your muscle memory – to the point where you don’t need to think about them
  • Only once we’ve made you highly skilled and confident in our training rooms, do we take you out to meet women in the real world where we enable you to achieve in days what would normally take decades or even a lifetime to learn
Leave behind your insecurities and failures of a lifetime. No more loneliness, rejection, random trial and error, painful failure and humiliation. 

No more settling for women who really don’t do it for you or feeling stuck in relationships with nagging or manipulative women who suck the life out of you.

 By attending our breakthrough bootcamp program you will gain the skills and confidence to attract and date the women you really want, wherever you see them.

If Any Of The Following Feels Familiar To You Then We Can Help
  • Done well in life and in your career. Just not with women
  • Scared of approaching women you find attractive  or at least doing it without alcohol.
  • Not confident that you can build a decent conversation and that you'll run out of things to say
  • Sick of bars and clubs and find internet dating a complete waste of time.
  • Struggle to transition things to a “sexual level” and confidently go in for the first kiss
  • Friends are now settling down or married and you don’t have anyone cool left to go out with.
  • Just come out of a long term relationship or marriage and you aren't sure where to start
  • Paralysed by your fear of rejection
  • Too busy and/or exhausted from work  to go out and meet new women
  • Don’t feel like you’re attractive or desirable enough for the women you want
  • Struggle to read signals and/or understand women
  • Tend to fall into relationships and “settle” with women that you’re not really that into
  • Women you date treat you badly leaving you feeling like a shell of the man you used to be
  • You’ve done pretty well with women, but now you are looking for your “dream girl”
Fastest Results. 

Easiest Way To Learn.
 Highest Quality Women In Your Life.
"Right now I feel alive, so much more alive than I’ve felt... probably since I was a child before I started having, grown-up problems, and problems with women particularly."
Michael,  31
Perth, Australia
"How would I sum up the course? Probably the best investment in my career and personal life that I've ever made... now I work less and I make more."
James, 28
Sydney, Australia
What Skills Do I Actually Learn?
Here’s just some of what you will learn on The Breakthrough Bootcamp: 
    Our Beautiful Female Trainers
    Being able to practice with our beautiful female trainers is what makes our bootcamp unlike any other dating program you will come across.

    Female trainers are a part of our bootcamp  for two reasons. Firstly, you’ll get comfortable being around really beautiful women which will make approaching the women you see in the real world seem like a breeze. 

    Secondly, you get to spend time with our Female Trainers and learn a lot about beautiful women’s lives, how they think and what they really want from men.

    Our female trainers come from a range of backgrounds including
    • International catwalk models, 
    • Swimsuit models, 
    • Have won $100,000 modelling contracts,
    • Featured in national magazines and 
    • Starred in TV commercials 
    Nearly all are university educated, three have run businesses, three have played sport at a state or national level, two are yoga teachers, one is a computer programmer, one an accomplished dancer, one a published author and one is a TV presenter.
    "Australia's pulling sensei... Captivating."
    "Australia's very own Hitch... Great dating tips..."
    "Illuminating... Changed the way I date."
    "Fascinating to listen to... Sage advice."
    The Man You Will Become After Attending 
    You'll come to the end of The Breakthrough Bootcamp more skilled and confident with women than you ever realistically expected to be in your whole life – guaranteed. If not, you get your money back. It’s that simple.

    After attending  you will :
    • Have a clear system that you can follow over and over again to consistently get results
    • Feel confident approaching and talking to beautiful women 
    • Have a clear plan  on how to  smoothly ask women out on dates that are fun,  stress free  and smoothly lead back to your place 
    • Substantially increase the quality of women that you date
    • Overcome your insecurities that are  holding you back with  beauiful women  
    • Feel like you finally have power and control over your  future with women 
    • Have advanced conversation and listening skills that will  make you charistmatic, charming and allow you to get what you want   in  business, networking, social or romantic situations
    • Become a man that men want to be – and women want to have