The Breakthrough Bootcamp
Helping Men Attract & Date The Women They Really Want Since 2006
The Breakthrough Bootcamp
Helping Men Attract & Date The Women They Really Want Since 2006
Who Is This Program For?
The Breakthrough Bootcamp is an intensive, hands on, small group event (maximum 12 to 16 clients), where you will be practicing many hands on, “up close and personal” exercises with our Female Trainers.

We know from experience that one “difficult” client will make our job dramatically harder, has the potential to seriously offend or upset our Female Trainers and/or other clients on the event. 

As such, we screen all applicants very carefully. 

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The Breakthrough Bootcamp is for men who:
  • Are doing okay in life, but want some help to do better with women.
  • Are action takers, as well as notetakers.
  • Want more from life than just an average job, a mortgage, watching TV, drinking alcohol, playing computer games or surfing the internet and you are prepared to work for it.
  • Have some hobbies and interests you're passionate about. We like to coach men with a variety of interests. We’ve found guys interested in travel, reading, meditation, success, science and technology, the arts, playing sport, nature, adventure sports, combat sports or helping others tend to be a good fit for our programs.
  • Value a woman's intelligence, character, femininity, skills and accomplishments as well as her beauty.
  • Have some previous history of success in at least one area of life. If you’ve been able to follow a proven system and take coaching or feedback in some area of your life, then we will be confident that we can help you do dramatically better with women than you are right now. It doesn’t matter much whether it was in your work, education, sports, business or learning a new hobby or skill – just that you can follow a system.
Who Is It Not For?
The Breakthrough Bootcamp is not for everyone. It is generally not suitable for:
  • Pick up artists or anyone who believe most Pick Up Artist techniques are an effective method of attracting and dating high-quality women.
  • Men who seriously believe that you can succeed with decent women using lies, tricks and manipulations. 
  • Men who primarily want to meet women in night clubs. Most of our clients are over 30’s professionals and are past that stage of life.
  • Men interested in sleeping with a large quantity of random women rather than a smaller quantity of high-quality women.
  • Self-help junkies.
  • Men with attitudes to women or emotional or psychological issues that may upset our Female Trainers or other students – plus anyone with the potential to use this training to frighten or harm women.
The Breakthrough Bootcamp Timetable
Thursday | 8pm - 11:30pm
How To Meet, Attract & Connect – Structure & Step By Step System 
  • Introductions and Bootcamp goals session
  • Bootcamp framework session and conversation exercises
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Friday | 10am - Late
How To Meet, Attract & Connect – Night
8 hours of exercises with Female Trainers, including how to:
  • Approach women seated or standing
  • Build great conversations & connect with women
  • Use touch & eye contact to make women attracted to you
  • Handle rejection
- Approach Anxiety Destroying Workshop

- Night Session at bar with the help of James, a Female Trainer & Male Approach Coach
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Saturday | 10am - Late
How To Meet, Attract & Connect – Daytime
  • Classroom session on how to meet women during the day
  • Practice approaching women during the day with Female Trainers
  • Daytime session with the support of James & 2 Female Trainers
  • Night Session at bar with the help of James and a Male Approach Coach
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Sunday | 10am - 10pm
Date Planning & Seduction – Structure & 
Step By Step System
  • How to plan dates so they are fun, easy, romantic and lead smoothly back to your bedroom, without rejection
  • Create an effective date plan specific to you
  • 4 hours of exercises with Female Trainers, including how to:
  • Use touch to seduce women you meet at night
  • Use touch to seduce women on a date
  • Quickly make conversations intimate
  • Make women sexually attracted to you
  • Personalised feedback session including 2-5 point Action Plan
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Upcoming Bootcamp Dates
  • 20 - 23 February, 2020 - SOLD OUT​
  • ​19 - 22 March, 2020 - SOLD OUT
Our Breakthrough Bootcamp is run approximately once per month, depending on our Private Instruction and travel schedule. 
Who Is A Typical Breakthrough Bootcamp Client?
The majority of our clients, probably 80% are professional men or business owners, aged 28-55 from the following groups:
  • White Collar Professionals
  • Engineers 
  • Programmers 
  • IT Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Doctors and Medical Professionals
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Executives 
  • Sales Professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing Professionals 
We’ve also coached a number of blue collar guys, miners, army guys, athletes, the odd celebrity, intelligent younger men and retirees.

Please see the “Who For / Who Not For” section of this page for more information about the criteria for men we accept onto Bootcamps. 

Our clients are honest, decent, well-adjusted men who are already doing okay (or better than okay) in life – but simply want some expert help to do better with women on dating.

In terms of success or experience with women our clients span a wide range. Some come to us with little or no experience with women or they are really struggling and haven’t had an enjoyable date in years. Others may have just come out of a long term relationship, often one that ended painfully and left them a bit wounded as a man.

However, others come to us already doing pretty well with the ladies but chose to do the Bootcamp because they want to take full control over their dating life and attract the highest quality women. 

Some others have had a lot of success already but are looking to meet and attract that truly exceptional woman. A woman they would seriously consider starting a family with (which is not an easy thing to find in most of the English speaking world).
We will give you the skills through drills & exercises with our beautiful Female Trainers to easily meet, attract & date the women you really want – without doing anything weird or sleazy, lying or trying to change who you are – or we will give you all your money back plus $1000 cash*
James Maclane
*provided you meet our application criteria and pass our application call
How To Apply
If you've read this far, if you've recognised yourself when we talked about the guys who attend our Bootcamps, and if you're ready to get this area of your life handled in the fastest, most effective way possible, then the time to act is now. Here's what to do:
  • The Breakthrough Bootcamp is an application only event. Click on the "Apply" button below.
  • You will be directed to a page where you can see and book a time for your application call. You will also be asked to answer 5 simple questions about you, your challenges and goals with women and dating.
  • Select your preferred Bootcamp date from the drop down list
  • We will be in touch on the date and time chosen for your application call.
Payment Plan Option
Payment Plan
$1,995 +GST upfront
+ 6 monthly payments of $795 +GST
With both of our payment options you are covered by our 120% money-back guarantee. 

So in the week after completing the Bootcamp, if you're not completely satisfied with your training, we will refund 100% of your money AND pay you $1000 for wasting your time, to cover your expenses and to apologise for letting you down.

In addition, in the 3 months that follow, if you find that the Bootcamp didn't transform your social and dating skills, you can still claim 100% of your money back. 

In other words, you can try out our entire system and work with our beautiful Female Trainers at ZERO risk to you. 
Fastest Results. 

Easiest Way To Learn.
 Highest Quality Women In Your Life.