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The 7 Secrets To Attract The Women You Really Want 


Tuesday 10 March 

7pm Sydney & Melbourne 
6:30pm Adelaide
6pm Brisbane
4pm Perth

Only 100 spots available!

Senior Female Trainer
7 years Dating 
Coaching experience

James Maclane
Social Coach Founder
13 years Dating
Coaching experience

High Quality Dates & 
A Beautiful, Loving Girlfriend FAST
What You'll Discover...
  • Approach: This is probably the biggest 'Achilles heel' for men. We will teach you breakthrough strategies and demonstrate them live with our Female Trainers so you can eliminate approach anxiety.
  • Attracting: We will show you how to use non verbal communication - including touch, eye contact and body language, to get the women you want attracted to you.
  • ​Conversation: We will give you a 3 Step Conversation system that makes easy to build an amazing conversation with women without struggling.
  • ​Dates: We will teach you how to plan your evening to create the perfect night out that just flows effortlessly so you never have an uncomfortable or awkward night out with a girl you really like.
  • ​Read Her Signals: You will learn how to read and respond to a woman's signals to avoid being rejected or missing opportunities.
  • ​Making A Move: You will discover James' foolproof, step-by-step method for making that all important first kiss with a woman. We will show you how to use touch, eye contact and body language to escalate smoothly and avoid rejection.
  • ​​Watch Us Transform Lives Right Before Your Eyes: Rebecca and James will select 1 to 2 volunteers from the audience to coach them live on how to improve their approaching, conversation and attraction skills with women. You will discover so much by watching their step by step transformation and learn how much more smooth and confident with women you can be.
This FREE Training Is Limited, So Register NOW!
This FREE Training Is Limited, So Register NOW!
WARNING: Spaces are limited to 100 and these FREE online classes always fill up fast. 

Past attendees have reported that this webinar is significantly better than some courses you would pay hundreds for. 

This one will be no exception. Click below to claim your spot!
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