Private Instruction
One On One Coaching To Get You Results Fast
"Australia's pulling senei... Captivating."
"Australia's very own Hitch... Great dating tips... Sensational." - Kochie
"Illuminating... Changed the way I date."
"Fascinating to listen to... Sage advice."
"Australia's pulling senei... Captivating."
"Australia's very own Hitch... Great dating tips... Sensational." - Kochie
"Illuminating... Changed the way I date."
"Fascinating to listen to... Sage advice."
Quickly Gain The Skills & Confidence To Attract & Date The Woman You Want
Private Instruction sessions are completely custom designed to zero in on and quickly eliminate your personal sticking points and give you the skills and confidence to attract the women you want. 

Having James and two of our beautiful, skilled Female Trainers all to yourself means you can get the breakthroughs you want fast – without any distractions or compromise on time. 

Private Instruction is ideal for very time poor and or successful men – as well as clients wanting to focus intensively on the 1 or 2 key areas that are holding them back.
Private Instruction Is Great If You...

 Advanced issue found
  • Want to meet and attract higher quality women
  • Want to be able to approach women smoothly and confidently
  • Want to build great conversations and not run out of things to say
  • Want to learn how to flirt effectively
  • Want to  take a date smoothly  into an intimate relationship
  • Are getting back into dating after a breakup or divorce
  • Want to take control of your dating and/or social life
  • Want to network more effectively in your industry
  • Want to connect better with key people and get ahead in your career
  • Want focused, individual attention
  • Are time poor or prefer the anonymity of private coaching
If any of the above resonate, you may be a good candidate for Private Instruction. 
Individual Attention. 
Focused Feedback.
Quick Results.
Master The Skills To Attract The Women You Really Want...

You’ll be taken step-by-step through our program of hands-on, practical drills and exercises with our Female Trainers – teaching you exactly what you need to do from first eye contact with a woman you're attracted to through to leading her into your bedroom. We cover skills such as:
  • How to smoothly confidently approach women
  • How to start and sustain an enjoyable conversation – without getting tongue tied or running out of things to say
  • How to use touch and eye contact to attract women – without being weird or sleazy
  • How to plan a date so it’s easy, fun and leads to the bedroom
  • How to understand how beautiful women think – particularly about dating and sex
You’ll get to practice exercises on two different beautiful Female Trainers.
Your Female Trainers
Our Female Trainers are all beautiful, cultured and of above average intelligence. They all absolutely love helping men like you improve their dating and social lives. Most of our team has been working with us for multiple years – in some cases 6+ years. 

Aside from their beauty three of our Female Trainers have played sport at a state level, and one at national level. Nearly all are university educated, three have run businesses, two are yoga teachers, one is a computer programmer, one an accomplished dancer, one a published author and one is a TV presenter.

Our Female Trainers make up part of running our Private Instruction sessions at what you might call “Executive Level” event standards. The coaching also takes place at comfortable, 5 star training rooms in the Sydney CBD with kitchen, shower and wardrobe facilities. We provide a range of healthy snacks, fruits, organic tea, coffee and high quality filtered drinking water throughout.
The Investment
An 8-hour Private Instruction session with James and three of our Female Trainers is $9,995(+GST). We’ve coached many interesting and successful men from different backgrounds from all around the world. We sometimes offer bonus coaching on multiple bookings. Hit the application button below to book a call with James to personally discuss with you how we can tailor a Private Instruction program to meet your goals fast.
Our 120% Money Back Guarantee
We know that Private Instruction can be a big commitment, both in terms of time and money. 

And that's why, if you're serious about transforming your dating and social life, we will try to make it as easy on you as possible to say yes.

You're covered by a full money-back guarantee — if you attend your Private Instruction and find it isn't everything we say and more.

In other words, you can try out our entire system and work with our beautiful Female Trainers at ZERO risk to you. 
How To Apply
We interview all our Private Instruction clients to ensure we are the right fit for you. Here are the application steps:
  • Private Instruction is offered by application only. Please click on the "Apply" button below.
  • You will be directed to a page where you can see and book a time for your application call. You will also be asked to answer 5 simple questions about you, your challenges and goals with women and dating.
  • If you have a specific date in mind for your session you please let us know in the application form.
  • The final step is to pay a $195+GST ($214.50 GST incl.) deposit for your application call. The deposit is fully refundable if you are not accepted or decide not to proceed at the time of your call.
  • We will be in touch on the date and time chosen for your application call.
Program Price (James & 3 Senior Female Trainers)
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1 Day


2 Days


3 Days


4 Days


5 Days


We understand that our private instruction can seem like quite an investment initially.

But as one of our clients Mike stated "Don't think about can you afford to do it. Think about can you afford NOT to do it?"

Life is too short to waste, wondering about what it would be like to have the success with women that you have always wanted.

So to make it easier for you, we have put together a payment plan for the private instruction so that you can experience the same level of transformation as all of our other clients.

We honestly believe that this private instruction will increase the quality of your relationships with women and we don't want you to miss out. 

So how do you get started? Hit the "Apply" button below and select the payment plan option. 
"Australia's pulling senei... Captivating."
"Australia's very own Hitch... Great dating tips... Sensational." - Kochie
"Illuminating... Changed the way I date."
"Fascinating to listen to... Sage advice."