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Thursday 28 June, 2018
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A Personal Letter From James Maclane
Founder of Social Coach

Let me start by asking you a question...

Would you like to find a way to meet and attract better quality women in 2018?

If you’re anything like most guys in Sydney, you can probably relate to what I’m about to explain.

Does this sound familiar to you?
  • You’re busy with your career. You might work long hours, you’re stressed and under pressure and simply have no time or energy left to go out and meet women.
  • You might be sick of bars and find internet dating a complete waste of time. You just don't know where to go to meet great women, how to confidently approach them or what to say to make women like you.
  • You’re starting to see all your friends settling down or getting married. Maybe you’re  just sick of always being “the single guy”. 
  • Maybe you’re OK at getting girls but they’re never the ones you really want. You settle for a relationship with the wrong woman and end up even more unhappy than when you were single. Believe me - it sucks. I’ve been there too.
  • Perhaps you’ve just come out of a long term relationship, your confidence is down and you’re finding it hard to get back in the game. It seems like dating has changed so much since you were last single. You don't know where to start.
But… trust me - its not all doom and gloom.

Here’s the good news:

Whether you want to better your social skills and attract tonnes of women, or you just want to meet an amazing girlfriend... I guarantee I can help you.

But before I explain how, why or most importantly - what qualifies me to 'show you the ropes'...
I'm Going To Reveal The BIGGEST Mistake Australian Men Make With Women
This happens every weekend at bars, clubs & parties all across Sydney. This one mistake kills more men's dreams than you can possibly imagine. Worst of all, it destroys their chance with the woman they were interested in - AND - little do they know their chances were dead in the water before they even opened their mouth...

In fact... I'd bet you've even done it.

Want to know what it is?

Its simple - just two words.


And... it doesn't help that most Aussie guys are psychologically defeated long before they even approach a woman. 

Instead of meeting a girl and confidently asking her a series of solid, tried and tested questions to trigger a fun and exciting conversation to really connect with her, they withdraw into themselves, and nervously approach and ask boring, cliched questions, removing all their masculinity and shattering any chance of impressing the woman with their confidence.

To be honest though... this is just the tip of the iceberg. Its one of many mistakes guys make, and the worst part is, it kills their chances faster than a polar bear on thin ice.

You might be wondering how I know all this. Well... let me explain:

At the age of 31, I'd had virtually no experience with women. Despite being an incredibly successful financial adviser, and making great money, I was so introverted and scared of women - I could hardly drum up the nerve to hold a conversation with a girl.
It Crippled Me... I Spent so Many Weekends Tucked Away at Home - I was Terrified I'd Spend the Rest of my Life Alone...
Things got so bad for me, I quit my job, and eventually, after much deliberation... I spent the next 7 years travelling the world. Over this time frame, I met so many amazing guys who taught me everything I know today about how to approach, meet and attract incredible women.

When I finally returned back home to Sydney in 2008 - I was inspired to help as many guys as I possibly could to achieve success in their life with women... so I started Social Coach which is dedicated to improving the lives of Australian men by teaching them how to improve their social skills so they can meet and attract the women of their dreams.

I've been fortunate enough to feature on Sunrise, The Morning Show, FHM, The Sydney Morning Herald and more... sharing the same advice I've been teaching guys for the past 7 years on how to finally figure out women.

I specialise in helping busy professional men including business owners, engineers, tech guys, doctors, lawyers, surgeons, financial advisers, IT guys and many others. I teach them the skills I've learned to become amazing with women.

And now... I want to help YOU for free.

Yep... that's right. 

I decided in 2016, I want to help as many guys as I possibly can, so I'm running my brand new, live evening workshop called "7 Secrets to Meet & Attract the Women You Really Want" where I break down my simple, 7 step process to attracting the kind of women YOU want in your life. 

Believe me... it really is possible when you know how.

Check the event video out below to discover more!

Make sure you register today as there is only 35 seats available - and this event will sell out.

I can't wait to meet you on the night.

To your success with women, 

James Maclane

Social Coach
"How I Went From Being Alone 80% Of The Time & Seeing Maybe 1 Girl A Year Who Is A 5/10 To Having 4 Beautiful, Amazing Girlfriends Who Are Professionals And 8's & 9's"
"How I Went From A Painful Divorce, Then Spending $30K On Alcohol In A Year – To Dating Multiple Beautiful, Young Women At A Time & Taking Back Control Of My Life"
"They are genuine and they are here to help."
Dentist / 30 / Sydney
What You'll Learn At The Workshop
Secret 1: Approach
Approaching is probably the biggest 'achilles heel' for men when it comes to getting the woman they really want. At the workshop, I'll teach you breakthrough strategies so you can eliminate approach anxiety, meet a girl and create an amazing first impression.

You'll walk away knowing what you need to do to approach with complete confidence. I'll also reveal the 2 BIGGEST mistakes men make when approaching, and how to guarantee you avoid them!
Secret 2: Attract
A question I love to ask my clients is... how do you 'attract' a woman? What do you do when you're having a conversation with a girl and you're attracted to her, but you're not quite sure if she's into you?

This was a problem that plagued me for years, but when I discovered what I was doing wrong, my results doubled... literally OVERNIGHT working with my female trainers. I'll show you how to use non verbal communication - including touch, eye contact and body language, to get the women you want attracted to you.
Secret 3: Conversation
Another really common question I get asked is "How do I build an effortless, free flowing conversation and never run out of things to say?"

The reality is... this is a problem a lot of men have with women. If you've ever struggled to build an amazing conversation, I guarantee you aren't alone. There's one HUGE piece of advice I give guys, that literally solves this problem instantly...

I could tell you what it is... but you're going to have to come to the event to find out.

Secret 4: Dates
Ever wondered how to create the perfect date that just flows effortlessly and gets her super attracted to you? If you want to really impress the woman you are with, there are a bunch of things you MUST get right. 

At the workshop, I you the science of Date Planning so you never have to go on an uncomfortable and awkward date again in your life.
Secret 5: Making A Move
'Making a Move' or Escalating - when with a women, is one of the biggest problems the men I work with run into. 

When you attend the 7 Secrets event, you'll discover my foolproof method for making a move going in for the first kiss with a woman. I'll show you how to slowly use touch, eye contact and body language to ensure you escalate smoothly and avoid harsh rejection.
Secret 6: Read Her Signals
Once you know how to hold a conversation, make a move & organise an amazing date... you MUST learn how to read and respond to a woman's signals. 

This is the BIGGEST mistake men make without fail. The reason is, women have 5-10 times the ability of men for reading body language... so you need to know exactly what she is trying to tell you... or you are doomed.

PLUS - you need to know how to pass a woman's tests. I'll explain how at 7 Secrets!
Secret 7: Live Coaching - Bringing It All Together
That's right. I bring 2 of my Female Trainers to the event and select 2 to 3 guys from the crowd, coaching them live on how to improve their skills with women. 

We literally take these men and spend 45 minutes turning them into studs by getting them to practice approaching, holding a conversation and using touch, eye contact and body language to attract women. My female trainers also give valuable feedback to help these guys improve.

In just a short amount of time, the results this produces are incredible. Guys are astounded by how much more smooth and confident they are. Many report massive success in the days and weeks following the event. 
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About The Speaker
James Maclane
Founder of Social Coach
Dating coach, writer and speaker, James is a self-described travel addict and spent 7 years of his life as a full-time traveller. Often travelling alone, he didn't know a soul, which forced him to face his lifelong shyness and social anxieties. The result? He developed the ability to read people and understand what they want. Little did he know all these "career" skills eventually became extremely effective when it came to improving his ability to meet and attract amazing women.

James is a true veteran of the industry. At 44 he’s possibly the oldest bootcamp dating coach in the world. Since 2006, he’s racked up around 100 3 day bootcamps, in Sydney, New York, LA, London, Hong Kong (the list goes on) and countless Private Instructions, seminars and webinars.
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Thursday 28 June, 2018
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Sandalwood Room
Holiday Inn
788 Hay Street, Perth CBD
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